vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Skin therapy and studybooks!

Classes are out!!!! While most of my friends and collegues were 'at the beach' today or had a short get-away I had to attend classes! Not that I was really up to it. Nope! But because it were the last ones of the semester and also the final ones of the year I made an extra effort! I even had to look for a babysitter for A! He was one of the lucky ones with a free day on top of the other three he already had!

Wrapping up things means that you also can look back at what has taken place and I must say that up till now I am very happy to say that this year was for me a very good and nice experience. That it was a learning experience that is obvious to state but that I also ended up meeting some very nice people was a nice bonus.

You are a bit insecure when you go back to college because you will end up sitting there in the middle of a generation gap and even the best beauty treatments and daily skin moisterising can't make you hide those first wrinkels. But against all odds I did find out that going back into a demanding study environment is almost like the best skin therapy that you can invest into. Not only the skin gained some benefits from it. No, also my mind got an energy boost.

So some words of thanks to all these people that made it worth to spend all that extra time out there to gain some wisdom are in place. THANKS a million times to:

- V, who showed me that I am not the only one out there with kids and a household! We talked about many things and not only about children! She deserves for sure a medal that she still tries to be supermum on top of being a liberian and studying. Hopefully she can keep up those three jobs!

- A.K., who I ended up next to during my first lesson of our very demanding professor Ceelen. Her love for numbers amazed me and I can assure you when one of your kids will ever end up in her classroom that this love will be contagious. The fact that she needs a bit more time to cope with all the studymaterial but never gives up I truely admire!

-J, who I also took first semester classes with and consider a student with high potential. She was one of the few who answered questions when asked. We only ended up knowing each other in the second semester because we were teammembers of a study group. I got to spend some real quality time with her while discussing organisation theories and trying to come up with good answer for our tasks. A very warm personality and gave me the impression that even 'older' people in college have to be taken serious! She even invited me to a 'kot'-party! Felt honored but declined!

-I, who is a very sensitive and outgoing personality! A student who goes after perfection and wants to get the maximum out everything. She considers herself a bit dominant but in every team you need some people to make it work. We also ended up sharing lots of thaughts that were not college-related and I am sure that her intrests in my life was geniune! Hopefully she can keep up her drive and is willing to take some risks!

-J, who I perhaps did not get to know that well but she really made a contribution to our group. She is also one of the people that made clear that the world is a small place. She happened to know someone I knew and that is always funny! I will miss her smile because that happy face could even cheer up the most cloudy day!

- J (happen to know many people whose name starts with a J!) who was the unfortunate one to be the only guy of our study group. He must have suffered! Also that he just got back from an Erasmus-study-exchange experience perhaps made it a bit hard on him to keep up with four fierce women who were after perfection. I know from experience that once you are back it is very hard to get back used to your old college life. Your view of the world has changed and it is hard to share that experience with others.

Then I might also have to express also my gratitude to all the professors and assistants that I had the priveledge of meeting this year. You can be sure that I already have been able to use some of the new stuff that some of these 'wise owls' tried to copy to my brain. Not that I always agreed totally with them on every issue, but still it was also a good way keeping my mind tuned and open for fresh ideas!

Like you can read this study-comeback is for me already a personal success. I might have to do some retakes this semester but that is fine! Combining a job, a househould, a family and studies is already worth a college-degree! It might take a very long time till I have reached the finish line but I don't have any regrets so far for trying. Nope, it changed my life for the better and I just hope that with some of these people I can stay a bit longer in touch! THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD STUDYMOMENTS! I will cherish them and can now state officially that you are never to old to study! But I still wonder that I rather look 27 then 35?

P.S.: Good luck also for the exams that we face in a few weeks time! Think positive and I believe in all of you! And I am sure that those who took the course Organisation sociology know what this cartoon is all about!

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