vrijdag 2 april 2010

Easter dreams

My Opel Corsa is at the garage to get a brand new window shield!! Before taking it there I dropped A of at school. In his little green schoolbag he had a chocolate chickie for his very nice student teacher N!!! She was in his class for two weeks and today he came up with very splendid idea to make her a nice drawing!

The only tiny little hiccup was that he had to get himself into the car instead of being busy with crayons!! So, I had to be once more the magician and coming up with a substitute for the egg and bird picture!!! So I digged into my chocolate vault and picked out chocolate sculpture and hoped that he would give his blessing! 'Yeah, mum that she will like!' Then I attached one of the Mary Engelbreit cards to the bag, made him sign the card and we drove of!!!

For the moment I do feel like the Easterbunny and the thing is that I badly want a certain kind of egg! Normally I am very happy with the classics but this year I have my mind set on something rather extraordinary!! When I saw it, it was instant love!!! From that moment on I was so much intoxicated by that one egg that I now compare all chocolate eggs with the one that my mind is set on!!

But so far nothing has passed the test!! Because the egg my heart beat goes crazzy for is created by one of our Belgian master chocolatiers: Pierre Marcolini!!!! P loves his chocolate bars and I to send tons of them all across the world to indulge friends!! Going to one of his shops is walking into the world of chocolate science and meeting brand new creations!!

Believe it or not I do remember the first time that I tasted his chocolate and on top of that I still can state is that the best raspberry sorbet that I ever had was produced by his company!! The fact is that I never spoil myself with his goodies!! I have this thing with PM that I have with an other Belgian quality product: Delvaux. Being a baglady I am dreaming of that kind of bag that I still consider the Rolls amongst all the bags!!! But like stated by many:'A Delvaux you not just get, you need to deserve!'

I want to find it on Easter Sunday in my back yard dropped there by the Easterbunny!!! Okay, I know that he does not exist and that even A plays the game along because he is afraid that he won't get anything if he admits that he knows who gets all this chocolate! This morning he even screamed out loud when he discovered the eggs inside the decorations. Eggs whe had bought together!!!

In case you wonder what makes this egg so different of all other ones. Uhm,... it has got ears!!! It is an egg and the Easterbunny in one!!! Knowing P he will not even have time to drive to Brussels!! The only thing that gives me some hope is that we are driving next week to the seaside and guess what? There will be a Marcolini store!! Just hope one thing that the desperate look that I will then produce when we are standing there in front of the store will do the trick!!!

So you better keep your fingers crossed that the Easter bunnies were so kind not to robb all the Marcolini stores!! BECAUSE I WANT A MARCOLINI EASTEREGG FOR EASTER!!! NOW!!! PRONTO!!!!

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