woensdag 21 april 2010

An explosive three letter word!

Gloomy clouds that is what there is to be found over Brussels! At least that is what you get out of the latest national political news. Most of the time I don't leave any sleep over political issues. But hey, I happen to live in the political hot zone and every time when some politicians send some rather less funny statements into the world I feel a bit out of tune.

For years Flemish politicians ask to split up the constituency BHV (Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde)because in this region elections are kind of strange. I can tell you that most people outside of Belgium or even the international crowd seems not to get it!! 'What is the fuss about?', it the most common comment to be heard when a microphone is popping up under their noses

I am a true Belgian (and feel Flemish) and I am very proud of my heritage and background. And I even think that our Royal Family deserves a bit more credit but they need for sure some restyling and some sensible advisors. I don't think that in a Europe of today you can act like a dwarf. In these heck of the woods I do feel that the nation we live today is for sure not the one we used to live in 20 years ago.

Many will be pointed at when you are looking for scapegoats! Blame it on the outrageous house prices, the lacking sex appeal of Brussels (where most Flemish don't feel at home but not even have given it a real try), the European Community (who keeps sending more internationals and pushes the locals out of the 'rand'), the outraged politicians, the law, ........

I am a bit tired of blaming anyone. But what I do know is that I am sick and tired of having to show up almost once year in a election boot and pushing some buttons. Only then to find out that the whole circus just started all over. Not that I consider elections useless but they are not always used in the correct way in this nation.

Thanks to the whole BHV-issue most of our politicians are on campaign instead of pushing through the real changes that need to be made. I don't want to live in a nation where a three letters are a huge cloud of volcanic ash that keep polluting our daily air. Because there is so much more to this nation then this issue. You need to take care its constituents and their wishes and hopes. And dare to move on to the real lists of political issues that need to be taken care of: the economical crises, education, health care, environment, refugee politics, .....

'Hey, we don't take Jean Luc seriously! He speaks Flemish!!', was for once more the most adult comment of one leading French speaking politicians! So, the politicians are taken us hostage once more. I just wonder one thing:'What would be the outcome if they would let us have one of those Swiss plebiscites?' I think that many politicians would be surprised of the outcome of that one.

I am proud of my nation, the chocolate, it's very inspiring history, the many breathtaking monuments, the delicious dishes that are to be found in many kitchens, the geography that hides tons of surprises, and especially of all the people that I have met where I have lived (or live) and work (Limburg, Brussels, Leuven, Mechelen and Overijse for the present), but I am not proud of the people who lead us again to an election boot!

Because if I do count correctly this is perhaps going to be the fifth time in six years time that I will have to vote!! Wonder if this is not worthy of being mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records under the category 'Sad and Most Outrageous Records'? I am also considering camping out there because then at least I am first in line to get in there and go on with my real life!!.

P.S.: By the time I posted this our Prime Minister Yves drove to the king to offer the resignation his political team! I do hope that for once the constitution is taken seriously!! I am fed up being part of a nation that considered the political laughing stock in global politics! We deserve better then this!! And to know that is was Earth Day! Quite a day to resign!

P.S.2: Of course were there not that many fitting cartoons to be found. Translation for my English fans (hé G!!!)

- 'Wouldn't you better lose 60 kilos? Or what about a bridge over Antwerp? A harem? World peace? No hunger in Africa? Elio straight? Africa without corruption?'
-' NO!! Splitting up that thing! Come on, please! My honor is at stake here, dude!'

(The little guy begging Genie is not our present Prime Minister but was the one who had to look for a solution in the whole crises, Jean Luc Dehaene! Once he was our Prime Minister)

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