zondag 18 april 2010

These shoes are made for walking.

Like mentioned in many posts I am a baglady and so I do own more bags then shoes. But I do have some dream pairs and one is owning a pair of TOD's. Every time when I see an ad of those Italian crafted shoes I get a very warm feeling. I have in some offical TOD's stores but every time when I see the pricetag I get it too warm. Even when there is airconditioning I run as fast as I can back into the streets. Needless to say that I have done this over and over and never ran out with a bag with the cool TOD's logo on it!

Still, secretly I hope to own a pair one day because they look very stylisch, are Italian, handcrafted and timeless. I do like shoes that are timeless because I happen to get attached to them so much that I just don't seem to be able say goodbye to most of my shoes unless I can't walk on them anymore!

But buying shoes is for me not that much fun. First of all because of my shoe size. I have got giant feet. Shoe salespersons have told me over and over that with my kind of feet that I need to be fast. They are always so kind to point out that when they order the new collection that the smallest sizes and biggest are gone first. I never get to deal with the problem of too many shoes to choose from. Nope! 'Uhm, in your size we might have one more pair in the back!'

So when P wanted to go into a shoe store I dragged myself in. Once I was inside I saw the typical light brown-orange boxes and wanted to take off as fast as I could. But then P said he was going to look for a pair and I was stuck in there with an overactive A who was pulling faces to clients and putting his tongue against one of the spotless mirrors!!

'I am not your mother' and 'I am going to ignore this!' flew a few times through my mind. While trying to think straight I started to look around. 'Better make the best out of this visit!', I then went on thinking. 'Hey, what are the chances that they have got a size 41!' A was already crashing on one of the sofas. P fitting some cool sandals. 'What a shame, they are too smale!', I then said. And heading for the exit.

-'What do you think about these?', P said.
-'They are women's!', I said.
-'I know, so try them on!', P said.
-'They won't fit! You will see!', was my response.
-'You never know! So try them!', was P his best punchline.

Imagine me sitting in a too hot shop surrounded by all very stylish people, salespeople who had just an Italian haircut and have season tickets for the suntan studio. I am sitting there sweating away and A is still showing body parts he is not supposed to be showing! But what could I do when two men are looking at my feet and want to see if the shoe fits? I felt a bit like Cinderella right there! So I slipped on the first shoe and......

....Instant shoe love it is as good as ...!!! Right there I had this amazing feeling on my feet that I was after. There are not TOD's but HOGAN shoes. But that is already one shoe closer to the real thing. Best ending of the shoe sale was that P got his credit card out to pay!! These shoes are made for walking and I am going to enjoy every step on these great ones!!! THANK YOU P and a big kiss to Dorino Della Valle who about 90 years ago started to make shoes in his basement!!!!!!

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