zaterdag 17 april 2010

Stuck in a volcano!!!

Don't get me wrong but I love the power of nature. The fact that mother nature still can make the earth tremble, rivers flood, oceans turn in to a tsunami, make snow turn into major avalanche and that it can make volcanoes erupt! It keeps me aware the fact that the globe on which we have the pleasure to walk around on, still has the last word! A and I even watch those awesome nature documentaries in which they praise out the power of the universe! Most of the time I sit there with my mouth wide open and do I feel rather humble.

And as long the less nice phenomenas don't take part in my backyard but thousands of miles apart of my living room I don't really leave some sleep over them. Till Eyjafjallajökull is having a blast! Now I really think that nature can cause some chaos that effects my personal schedule.

Tuesday I am suppose to leave for Italy to meet up with colleagues for a three day conference about autism. The way things look now there won't be any planes going up in air till Tuesday and let that be the exact day that we are suppose to board a plane.

Positive thinking won't help in this case because the volcano on Iceland is the only who can change things! I feel so sorry with tons of people who were about to come or leave for a trip. In my worst nightmare there will not even be a French Open or that the South Africans will have to cancel the biggest party of all, the world championship football! Needless to say that tons of business people won't be able to cut the deal because of dust in the sky!

Iceland causes some painful numbers: 66.000 passengers without a plane to board and kids that had to give interviews for national television:
One little boy said very cheerful:'I get to sleep in the airport' but an other kid pointed at one of the camp beds (donated by the Red Cross in full action)and said:'This bed does not look comfortable!' Guess twice the gender of the kid who said that!

John Cleese was so desperate to leave Oslo that he got a cab and was willingly to pay 3.800 euro for a ride to Brussels to get on the Eurostar! Best Twitter line that was picked up:"Dear Island. We said: send cash, not ash!!!" Or somebody said that his hamster was walking over the keyboard and 'Eyjafjallajökull' came out a major spelling error!

I am not that optimistic about the dust cloud. Because in the past it seemed to have taken quite some time when it seemed that the mouth-breathing volcano had enough play time and fell back asleep. One of blog friends N stated in one of her posts that we should not worry about this but walk on the sunny side of life! Uhm, I was depicting myself with a big 'gelato' sitting on the beach after some meetings in the company of educational soul mates! The best I can think to turn this into something as sunny, is having to settle for home made lasagna and as dessert some ice cream out of the freezer. Most fitting selection is a frozen lollipop in the shape of the space rocket!!

P.S.: To tease my pupils I am going to make them write 2O times the name of this very inspiring volcano!! The mean teacher is back!!!!

P.S.2: In case you don't know any German to understand the cartoon:'How to we get rid of the sensational tourists?' 'We could offer scenic flights!'

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