zondag 4 april 2010

Easter dreams: part II

I ATE TONS OF CHOCOLATE!!!! And now I am suffering of a chocolate indigestion! I kept my promise not to eat any easter eggs till Easter!! But now a few hours later I feel like I am going to explode any minute! No PM-egg to be found in this house. P told me very openly that he does not have time to do that kind of shopping! Still, the Easter bunny and the easter bells did there very best. The kitchen smells like chocolate heaven!!

On Friday A came home with his personal Easter basket and his first chocolate egg of the season! Next on was egg hunting with his cousins D&A! Three kids running wild in a wet back yard searching for sweets under supervision. My brother fooled them a few times by hiding some stuff twice!

My sis L brought some extra goodies from across the Swiss Alps and brought along her newest asset: K! He got the whole S-treatment with fierce table discussions, tons of food and very loud kids who took possesion of the living room by force and leaving a trail of toys all over the house! I tried to convince him that not every time there is so much going on!! Chances are few that he believes me but at least I tried!

Today we had the Easter bunny over in her own house!! A just got out of bath and when he discoverd the trail of eggs on the staircase he became very cautious! 'Mum, he might still be in the house! We better be careful!' He then run through the searching for the animal and ignored all the goodies! We made him collect all the chocolate that he found on his way.

Finally A had a last egg hunt at his grandparents together with M&A! Where I just planted myself at the table and digged into a wonderful box of delicious chocolates and then I lost myself!!

Best moment of the last few Easter inspired days was when A recited spontaneously his Easter verse he knew by heart:

'Paashaas heeft een mandje,
Komt hij op een dag,
En verstopt dan eitjes in de tuin
Die jij dan zoeken mag!
En heb jij ze dan gevonden,
Dan is het een beetje feest!
En dan weet je héél héél zeker: de paashaas is geweest!'

He was reciting this while he just got out of the bathtub and looking forward to his first encounter of the day with this intelligent animal. But I wonder how long it is going to take till we are going to be recognised in a line up of Easter bunny imitators because while he was standing in the middle of the living room with his basket full of eggs and other easter inspired sweets he said:
"Mum, how did the bunny get into the house? Not a single door was open. So how did he get in?"

There I was standing and I felt like I was caught red handed but then I was saved by the smallest window of all. 'A, there is one window that is open and that is the one of the toilet!' He then gave me a suspicious look and then shrugged his shoulders and walked on. Guess, that next year even this one won't even hold up because in order to get through that window this bunny needs to be an Olympic champion in pole vault!

P.S.: I do know that the cartoon I selected this time is not easy to explain to kids under a certain age but I thaught it was hilarious!!!

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