vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Me Happy?

Okay, I blew the list but I promised myself it is only for a day or two!! Because up till a day or two ago I just managed to handle everything just fine. But now that the days are getting shorter and that also the trees are loosing their leavy Summer attire it seems a bit harder to take it at heart.

As long as I was inside the school building and facing pupils I was well behaving. It was started dripping into the teacher's lounge around 2.30 where I just talked back when spoken to and this in a less soothing tone. Some replies were rather daring. My 'Green Wing'-attitude was coming to the surface. By four o'clock I was ready to jump out of cupboard and perform a tune on a recorder!

Please believe me that I have tried to fight back! It still looked good when I managed to keep my act together. Unfortunately I am not alone on this planet and forced now and then to interact. So I proudly present you here the list of things, situations who got me headbanging, pulling faces, cursing, screaming (sorry P but you just pushed it a bit too far with that one particular nasty smile!) and also talking faul language:

- the word meeting/consultation! Love having them and being part of them. Especially when they are useful and called for the right reason. But for some people they stand for some others things that don't fit into my daily vocabulary. And you better have a clear agenda and the right reasons to call a meeting to get me around the table. Not that I not want to help out but I have still not gratuated from Zweinstein. So, who is attending too many meaningless meetings with certain individuals who still not seem to get the message?

- tyres: P is selling his winter tyres! Not that we are moving to a place where there are no Winters. Nope! There is a different motivation behind this act. Just can't spill all the beans on this one. Still, I was the one who had to drive my small car to the tyre station and load them into my trunk! Even cleaned out my whole car for this special occasion. Up till today I am returning with no tyres because they manage to unload their truck at the wrong place! Guess who is going to have to pick them up on a Saturday morning in her tiny car?

- ears: A got his whole teeth taken care of!! The cliniclowns paid him a fun-visit @ the hospital and he brought back home balloons twisted into strange looking creatures. He has got now that toothpaste smile but also painful ears. This is partly a nice side-effect caused by the anaesthetics. A now is not a very cheerfull kid and by night time he turns into an insomniac unless he is forced to take some nasty tasting pain medication. Get the picture!?

- bookclub: I had to cancel my performance at the awesome Nicola's Bookclub. And that is already painful to handle for one month! Reason: P!!!! Instead of being granted to enter Brussels and get to talk about 'The Kite Runner' I ended up Twittering my excuse. I was the one who was so kind to sacrifice my day of all days to a good cause: P educating other doctors on some heartdisease and do some social networking! But who is now pissed and is still waiting for a well meant sorry or thank you?

Now that I got started I don't seem to be able to call it the day! Okay, there were some things to be happy about:

-Yes, I am happy for Mario Vargas Llosa who got the Nobel Prize for Literature! Nicola had made me read 'The Bad Girl' and it was one of those books that stood out.
-Yes, I am happy that our National Football team 'The Red Devils' finally got to win a game for once and in a rather convincing way!
-Yes, I am happy with Summit for picking out McKenzie Foy as 'Renesmee' in 'Breaking Dawn'. Can't wait to see her out there!
-Yes, I am happy that our Comenius team can have efficient meetings and this even on a Friday evening!
-Yes, I am happy that our dinner with some friends we have not seen for a very long time at a very tasty and cool restaurant (that happens to be up high on my resto wishlist) place still not got canceled.
-Yes, I am happy that my sister moved back! A is as well thrilled about having auntie Lilly back!
-Yes, I am happy with our extended (only 1 m, but it seems now huge!) living room floor and new central heating!
-Yes, I am happy with the awesome cool drawing A produced and the story he made my mother in law write along with it!
-Yes, I am happy with my new Italian leather (love the smell!) bag that takes me back to San Marino every time when I take a look at it!

And finally:

- I am extremely happy that 'The Worldbook of Happiness' hit the shelves. I ordered my copy and can't wait to dig into it. Because I am sure that it will help me to restore my faith in my important list. And that will enable to get 'my moan goat' back into its stable and only come out for a split second and then move on

P.S: This is also a sight that can make me feel so much happier: the sunset @ San Marino! Yes, taken with my little camera that seemed to decide to give it an other go! Uhm, I just had my mind put on a new cooler and faster camera to attack the world with! Me happy or not? You tell me asap because I am about to get my moan goat back out?!

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