zondag 10 oktober 2010

Our Lives Will Stay Swiss

Auntie Lily is back!!!! A and many others are over the moon to have their favorite auntie, sister and daughter closer to home. To A Switzerland seemed to be the end of the world. And I just did not manage to get over as much as I wished for! The last 18 months we only got to see her at very special occassions. So when she announced she would move back to the land of the non-decisive politicians, beer, richer chocolate and many contradictions we all were thrilled.

Not that Switzerland was the wrong place for her to hang out! I do think that it did something amazing to my younger sibbling. Out of experience I did know that a country where you hang around a bit longer then the average city trip or beach holiday can change you for the better. So, that I saw my own sis going through a very interesting evolution was kind of nice to witness!

When I got to see her in action in her Swiss habitat I was impressed. And every time when she was over I saw a certain sparkle in her eyes that made me smile. Okay, the Swiss nation has got its reputation of being rather self centered and many words are used to describe its inhabitants that would not be used in a travel advert. But still,...

That L now decided to call it the day in Zürich is due to a very decisive factor called LOVE! So, last month she had her farewell visits, trips, parties, moments and acts. I guess, it was not easy to make that decission. After all after 18 months you have been able to call a place home and the people around more then just passers by!

I am happy for her that she did find a job and that she has got a person to come home to and share her deepest feelings and thaughts with. Also thrilled about the fact that she is now closer to us and I do not need to book a flight before I am able to punch her! BUT....

I do regret now that:

- she can't bring me anymore frequently a box of Sprüngli champagne macarons!
- she won't be speaking her funny sounding Swiss German over the phone when I call her!
- she can't be anymore the best excuse to travel to Switzerland!
- she can't introduce us anymore to less known things, facts, places, food, brands of this mountain-rich nation.
- she can't tell us some cheesy gossip about very important people she met up with on the plane or who where running around in Zürich city.

And many more things that I got so used to. Switzerland will never be the same again because in my mind it has got an L-touch to it now. It does now stand for so much more then all the things that I mentioned in my blogpost about 1,5 year ago when she was leaving.

Sis, I am happy for you when you happy. I wish you the very best out there! Good luck with the new job, driving a car ( can't wait to see you in action behind the steering wheel!), filling up a new apartment with your personal colorful and stylish wardrobe and belonings. But most of all I wish you the very best with C, who is now the lucky one to get his daily life spiced up by your presence! You deserve it! And thanks a million for introducing me to the Real Swiss Life!!

So, I guess: WELCOME HOME, SIS!!!!!

P.S.: Here above I posted my all time favorite pic taken of my sis (not me!) in Switzerland! It reminds me a bit of an Evian advert! Just love the sight!!! Hopefully she can keep up the zen-attitude! A poem, that, I think, goes along nicely with this is by Emily Dickinson. Rather short but so powerful! As powerful as the life energy my sis showed when she was out there living the Swiss Life!:

Our Lives Are Swiss

Our lives are Swiss
So still -so Cool-
Till some odd afternoon
The Alps neglect their Curtains
And we look farther on!

Italy stands the other side!
While like a guard between -
The solemn Alps -
The siren Alps
Forever intervene!

Emily Dickinson

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Amai, eventjes nodig gehad om bij te lezen. Hopelijk heb je je dit weekend terug wat kunnen opladen, de terugkomst van je zus zal daarbij misschien wel geholpen hebben! Over het dansen, er bestaan dansgroepen waar je vooral danst vanuit je gevoel. Ik heb dit een tijd gedaan, maar mijn lerares heeft een pauze ingelast. Ik kan je wel wat tips doormailen hoor, in de provincie Antwerpen worden alleszins wel zo'n dingen georganiseerd. Zo zou je kunnen dansen op je eigen tempo, je rug sparend. Hoewel het altijd wel wat zoeken is, het is belangrijk dat het 'klikt' ook hé. Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn laatste bericht, idd, een jaartje later...wat een verschil! Je bent echt een fijne vrouw en een leuke collega! Morgen breng ik je cd-tjes mee terug, ze hebben een heel weekend dienst gedaan! Wanneer gaan we voor de cocktail en de zwoele salsa ;-) ?