maandag 4 oktober 2010

A Hamster to Celebrate World Animal Day

You can choose many things in life and think very carefully before you go for it! Even about your partner you can have second thaughts. You then can move on hoping to find a better match. But once you have found Mr/Mrs Right you do realise you can not just return him or she to sender. Even when he/she turns out to be allergic to animals. P is one of that kind. He just can't manage to stand close to any cats&dogs and many alive and kicking inhabitants of the animal kingdom.

In the beginning I did not mind. As long as my mother's cat Baziel was alive I still had a pet to turn to when needed. But since he is way up in cat heaven I do miss some extra company at home. Many neighbours have got dogs and this in order to feel safer! Our next door neighbour has got cats. And we are blessed that they pay us a visit once in a while.

A also loves them having over! He then starts talking to them and asking them very catlike questions like 'Did you find any mice?' or 'Are you feeling hungry?' Our favorite cat visitor is Tyson. He (I assume he is male, have not checked but his name rings a bell, I think!) is a black 'medium' sleek normal cat. Nothing thrilling but I can tell you that when he is sitting in front of my kitchen window I do feel so much better. Like he is an extra accessory that came along with the house!

When we found out that also A had inherited P his allergic pet genes I did feel so down. Because now it is two against one. But in the name of love and health you do have to rest even such cases. So from our top to bottom is our house animal free. Except if you count in the stuffed animal kingdom that is permanent living in A his bedroom. That room is bit by bit turning into a real petting zoo!

One day A got into car after school being very excited!

A: 'Mum, I can take my pet along to school!'
S: 'Uhm, honey you don't have pets!'
A: 'Mum, I do! You know we can bring in our stuffed animal to class!'
S: 'Are you sure about that?' (Thinking 'What is the point of taking a stuffed animal when others are bringing in something real!?)
A: 'I am telling the truth!'
S: 'Uhm, is this somewhere in your diary?'
A: 'I guess so!' (looking out of the car and singing along with a song over the radio!

I have to be honest that I did not believe him in the first place. While he was winding down in front of his Star Wars car park I was checking out his assignments! And he was damn right. There was a official letter of the school in which they told the parents that their kid could bring along any animal and the ones who did own an alive one were allowed to bring in stuffed ones.

So today on World Animal Day I packed his personal favourite to celebrate the animal kingdom we are blessed with: a hamster in a plastic running bowl. It is an electric animated stuffed animal who makes the bowl roll over! It was the souvenir I had bought while being in London this summer. Very cute to watch. I did feel a bit sorry for him when he was so over the moon that he got to settle for this imitation animal and having to face tons of real pets!

Uhm, I guess I am the one who really is after the real thing and still misses something she can cuddle and to talk to when others don't seem to have time. For now I settle for a very nice website. One that is stuffed with tons of pics and videos of some real animal lovers who wish to share their love for animals with the human race! A & I had already some real fun in front of our computer.

We therefore wish to thank our great friend and awesome godmother N who was the one who had this as a link on her blog! THANKS A MILLION for letting me enjoy animals in the most non allergic way ever! And for the ones out there who do have pet please feel blessed and spoil him/her/them a bit today! They truely deserve it!

P.S.: N give your dotting hamster L an extra cuddle today!

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