donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Kicked Off The Merry Go Round?

Uhm, the merry go round came to a sudden stop and I was kicked off!! Moaning, moaning, that is what I am about to do! Not that the day had not started of nicely and in good spirits! After a very nice lunchbreak with M I drove to work and I was still high high high up in the sky! Also got my hands (finally) on 'The Worldbook of Happiness'! Now less then 10 hours later I do feel like I got slammed right in the face.

1. My skin still hurts! Nothing works and it is only getting colder.
2. Report cards seem to be a last minute thing because there will be last minute changes!! Hate last minute decisions and changes!
3. Got shot at! ;-) Anual flushots @ work. Ever since the Mexican flu I decided to get every year a shot! Unfortunately it was not Doctor Carlisle Cullen standing there with his tiny little needle! Ouch! Stiff arm as a result!
4. In about two weeks time chances are high that a hot shot inspector walks into my classroom and is going to ask me tons of incredible hard to answer and at the same time illogical (at least to me!!!) questions. And nope, I am not looking forward to that meeting. I am already fired up with negative energy. Six years ago I did not sleep for days and got so nervous that I even started loosing weight! Well, now that I come to think of it that is a nice side-effect of this dooming visitation.
5. Got some nasty comments to swallow! Not that I do not understand their anger and frustration! But unfortunately I can't do a lot about most of these expressed feelings. Unless I would multiply by 10 and then take a squareroot!
6 Traffic!! 'You big car, you small .....', I screamed at the guy in the huge BMW who almost moved into my tiny Corsa Vauxhall/Opel.
7. I still take many things too personal and in some cases you can't keep every single soul happy out there. People have as well let me down and have used their brain,sense, mind in a rather strange logical way. When I seem to do it (in their honest opinion) then I feel so empty inside and wished I could fix every single problem in a split second. But just can't do this! Sorry but I am only human!

P was the one who tried to put a smile back on my face! While he was still wearing his trainers and black running outfit he was getting a nice spaghetti carbonara ready for me to diggest. He let me moan (so did N, who has got so much more on her precious cute mind, thanks!)and then he made me eat!

I then digged into the hot pasta. P was so nice then to make table conversation by sharing a very meaningful story that happened this week at the hospital when he had to deal with a certain issue. P works very, very, very hard and still there are people who keep pointing out that they need him more often. Sometimes that is very hard on him. I gave him an extra pat on the shoulders when he told me what he had done/said!

By then he got dressed for a night social networking amongst overworked co-workers @ a very fancy restaurant! Oh, love that nice colored shirt and pants so much more then the trainers! Guess, that I came home! A then was then so kind to leave most of the pasta for me!! Good boys!!! Love you, P!!!! Love you, A! Especially on days like this when you try to give good & useful advice and feed me! XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Cheesy I know but they deserve it so much more then I can ever express in words!!!)

P.S: This song is one of my favourite 'Awakening'-songs and kind of very fitting to go along with this entry!

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Inge zei

Tijd voor een zen-moment Stallie. Ik heb al een sessie met de doorlichting achter de rug en ze hebben me niet opgegeten. Het was vooral vermoeiend.
Verdedig je niet, vertel gewoon. En als ze niet akkoord zijn, dan is het zo. Zen maakt in ieder geval een betere indruk dan boos en moe. Laat ons voor die Turkse massage gaan!

stallie zei

Heb die massage voor van alles en wat nodig!! Maar de zenhouding die breng ik mee van Turkije om dan weer vast te houden voor een lange periode!