zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

'Stallie, doe iets!'

-I am back!
-I am a wreck!
-I am totally wrapped into Turkish education and culture!
-I am feeling VERY COLD after the sunny Turkish weather I felt down on my skin!
-I am sure that education is for a sure an universal right!
-I am able to open a door of a toilet for colleagues when they feel a bit lost! 'Stallie, doe iets!'
-I am about to get used to being offered candy and eau de cologne poured on my hands when I enter a public building!
-I am believing in the fact that education is a kind of art.
-I am still keen on men wearing suits and ties!
-I am totally 'zen' because of a certain hidden treasure that was located in the basement of our lovely hotel!
-I am happy to have a toilet that is bit more sophisticated.
-I am envious of Turkish schools who can afford 'Cleverboards'! ;-))
-I am still very fond of Turkish delight and kebab!
-I am aware of the fact that a good teacher manages to do more with less!
-I am still convinced that education never ends!
-I am still a person with a disasterous morning temper!! Sorry, in case you were a victim!
-I am to admire in certain Facebook photo albums made by minors!
-I am still smiling when I remember being dragged into a school's kitchen to kiss the cook! And this by a very nice and smiling Turkish teacher (I did not knew what he was saying and where he was taking me!) dressed in a nice suit!
-I am in full admiration for an average busdriver on Turkish roads!
-I am not good at speaking Turkish! Unless the words sound a bit like Dutch: Oto (auto), polic (politie), vitrin (vitrinekast)
-I am missing the sound of the crickets before dozzing asleep in my very nice hotel room! The sounds an average mosque produces around 6 am I don't miss at all!
-I am still impressed with the many daring educational adventures I got to see out there!
-I am not sure that I already know enough about ASD to make a difference in my own classroom! But at least I keep trying like most of the people I have met!
-I am now into Turkish music thanks to a last minute buy at Izmir International Airport.
-I am very grateful that I got to go along and made some new educational friends!
-I am going to have a smile on my face the next time when I see blue plastic shoe covers.
-I am still translating signs, posters, conversations, etc. into English/Dutch!
-I am not a big fan of Turkish killer coffee and therefor cuddled her Nespresso machine when she arrived home!
-I am sure that Turkey is trying very hard and hopes that this will last!
-I am about to fill out my first lotery ticket in order to get some extra funding for one of the educational dream I had the last few days!
I am looking forward to hearing some different music and having a hamburger in the company of my beloved colleagues!! Let us have a party! Don't be surpised to find out that I leave behind a trail of eau de cologne and humming Turkish songs!

P.S: Ajda Pekkan is the lucky Turkish pop queen I do now own a CD of. 'Vitrin' (showcase!) reminds me a bit of the feelings I experienced when we got of the bus for the next visit and faced our curious hosts! We were checked out, observed and photographed by many! ;-))

4 opmerkingen:

Fie zei

de ontploffing hé ;-) hehe

stallie zei

Yes, Fie!!! And the fact that the salesperson told me that this was rather a quiet kind of CD and that they told me that this was no dance music made LOL!! I wonder if they thaught I wanted to buy belly dance music!!

Marina zei

Hi Stalie!!! How have you been? I see that you had a wonderful trip to Turkey. Good for you!
Sorry I didn't communicate for such a long time but as you can read at my blog I had some serious reasons...I'm still very sad! It was a very difficult period for my family. We still try to get along with the loss...

Marina zei

Thank you for your sweet invitation! We've decided to go to France next week in order to change images- and mood I hope! I'll communicate with you as soon as we come back.

Hugs and kisses