zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Happy Halloween! Happy Midterm!

Halloween Graphics

Midterm!!! So this means that the first report card have been delivered, that I have met up with the first parents across the table and that I have seen some extremely happy teenagers. Some even cried for joy and relief! I am not kidding! This year some extreme hard working Junior ladies are in action and they don't want to give up after trying just once. Nope, this year I am a blessed teacher when it comes down to kids who want to find out where their limits are and then push it just a bit further.

Not that the first weeks were very easy on me. They first checked me out intensly before being prepared to show me them their real faces and personalities. The longer we got to spend time in a classroom the better we seemed to get along. Okay, there are days that a few will walk in with a face that only speaks anger, defeat, sadness or boredom. Their body language then seems to beam over: 'Surprise, surprise! Today it is one of these days that you just will have to deal with me being a real teenager kid/youngster!'

Okay, my newborn sophomores are still quite a catch! They still seem not to have settled down for the whole ride. They keep on kicking and they want to be sure that they are allowed to use my classroom as a showcase for a very dramatic play. Still I am very hopefull that even these groups will be finally ready to hand over their boarding passes for a quiet flight. Have already seen some moments that they were about to tresspass to the other side where they can come to terms with life. A scary act for them because it means that they have to show that don't seem to have all the answers, that they are in a pickle/fight with many and themselves and that they need to ask for help.

Still, I had some very remarkable moments in class with all of them. Especially the last few weeks have been unforgetable and even fun. And this with inspection being in the house and Stallie being a bit less self secured teacher. And I happily share them with you:

1. Newborn giving comments about my personal style of clothing and accessories.
'Hey Mrs! You are wearing very funny shoes! They look like Pinokkio-shoes!' Uhm, I can tell you that I was not sure what to reply but the classroom was filled up with genuine laughter. Even the assistent teacher in the back of my room was have her fun moment.
Relieved I was then that my nose did not started to grow when I told her that they do look a bit like that. Don't know if 'Camper' did have in mind this wooden character when designing them. But from that day on I did start calling them my Pinokkio shoes! My co-workers do now check frequently under the table what shoes I am wearing!
Still, I do think that part of this comment was caused by the size my feet look like when wearing them. Yes, I do have big feet. But as an ultimate test I have been wearing these shoes for parents evening and my nose did not change what so ever! Seems I still am a very honest teacher! ;-)

2. My talented Juniors and their very sincere questions! Five star teaching moment of these last two months was a moment in Religion class. While they were discussing the cross as a religious symbol (they did think that it was rather a less appropiate symbol to choose because it reminds them of death!) there was a very straight forward pupil who suddenly asked out of the blue and in full class:'Mrs S, what do you to show to others that you have got faith? Because after all, I don't see you wearing a cross or anything religion related!' The room became suddenly as silent as an empty church. In front of me were sitting 12 very focused teenagers. Scary image!! It felt a bit like being up for the Inquisition.
But it is right there, right at that moment you can see a class in action that is ready to travel along and is about to creep into your mind. They then want to get to bottom of a certain issue, subject and find out something that they can work with. After all, these kids also have the sixth sense when it comes down to being honest and sincere. I dare to admit openly that I then not walk out there on solid ground and that these are not answers I have putten down in a very structured lesson plan. These are the unprepared answers that have to come straight from the heart.
I then dive into the shallow water and hope that I won't go under! That for once the pupils will catch me and that they for a split second do open up their pre-occupied and so busy minds and grasp my hand. Luckily they did! We had a great swim together out there!

I am happy that it is midterm break! I do need this week for many reasons! Also to catch up a bit with P&A! The last few weeks where a bit too hectic. Althought I admit that this is a bit how I like it best! The three of us have been in and out quite a lot. Including myself! The following days I do want to have just an ordinary week amongst my two lovely men. One who finally fully recuperated from the hair explosion that made him resemble the Muppet character Beaker and the other who is for the moment out there celebrating his first Halloween-party. You better watch out for Darth Vader who is armed with a very flashy flashlight and did shrunk a bit! Happy Halloween! Especially to all my American friends out there who I do miss sincerly when these days are up on the calendar!

P.S. Thanks you so much P for that lovely pink box filled up with ultimate bliss! A nice cup of George Clooney Coffee in the company of a glamerous Champagne Luxemburgerli that is all it takes to let me travel to seventh heaven! Especially when you are sitting across the table reading your digital newspaper and wear that one blue shirt that can make me melt!

P.S.: I came across this nice Halloween poem what makes me realise that pretty soon we are about to enter the darker period of the year! Out there the ghosts, spirits and many less appealing side effects of Winter are waiting to meet up with us!! But also means that I am about to spend some very special moments with friends and family in good spirits . And that the moment is coming near that I am to become something I wished for so badly! Can't wait!


Witches flying past on broomsticks,
Black cats leaping here and there,
White-robed spooks on every corner,
Mournful moaning in the air,

Goblins peering out of windows
Spirit-things that rap and run-
But don't be scared-it's just October,
Having one last hour of fun!

(by Mary Jane Carr)

P.S.2: Just an extra to brighten up this entry for A!

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