donderdag 25 november 2010


'Hey mum! Look! They are putting up the xmas-lights! I love xmas!', A said when he saw some community workers putting up the lights! I was smiling when he said this. A loves xmas as much as I do. We are partners in crime if it comes down to celebrating special moments and holidays. It also it was then it hit me that in exact one month it will xmas! That 2010 is about to come to an end. Time flies!

At the same time it is also the time of the year that I would like to snap out of some situations. It is during this period of the year that I do really have to try to keep peace on earth for all! Like I am tested! It is then that tons of people seem to be on a mission to attack me mentally! Stallie then is about to show her fangs.

I have some issues going on for the moment and I am realy trying to stay out of a mental pickle! This time I am not going to let me get down under! Digital I am going completely insane because of our yearly advent project! With a title as:'There is music into it....' I was politely forced to search for the ultimate xmas song to 'heaten' up the cold playground and hallways of our school. About 48 hours ago I was already turned into walking xmas-jukebox! Made some musical (re)-discoveries and I can't wait for the 1st of December because then Coldplay will release their xmas-song!

The problem with whole this project is that it has taken possession of my whole mind. My mind is full of it! Mindfullness has entered my life! Huray! As a result I am now kind of neglecting all the rest. And all the rest is as important as this project. Okay, if my nice colleague grants me her blessing, and I manage to find the lyrics of a certain song and find some nice image to go along with all the writen work then I get my release-papers signed and can move on to all the other items that are on the Never-Ending-To-Do-list.

I know that when I am in a state like this that I tend to forget stuff! Need to speed up things a bit and that people around me seem to be a bit harder on me. They think it is funny to see a stressed out voodoo-doll running around at work. Okay, but they then also seem to forget if I don't do this (and take this to heart) then this project won't see the daylight in time. Not that others are not capable of doing this but for the moment I am bit solo on this, or this what it feels like. What is not true but I guess many of us feel like flying solo once in a while and then find out that have got a few wingmen out there!

Well, sometimes this girl just tends to take things too much at heart. I did choose Religion as a minor at teaching college. A choice I made completely by myself and for some very personal reasons! For me the bible is still a very book full of stories that can go the distance. I still pray, believe in people and the force that it is hiding out there and also alive and kicking in every human being. And this against all odds.

Even all the negative news that I came across can't change that. Negative stockexchange news about Belgium, still no government, Ireland in a financial turmoil, Germany threatened by terrorist attacks, many terrorist arrests, English universities occupied by angry students, dirty Facebook wars, Wikileaks about to create a diplomatic turmoil,..... NO, it can not and will not get me down on my knees!

'BELIEVE' is a word I came across the last few days and I really want to do so. It is at this time of the year that we seem to dive first into the negative zone and then get wrapped up in bubble wrap to sit down under the xmas-tree and sing about joy and peace on earth! It seems that it only during those few days that we seem to take the time to go a little but further in many things! That hope is allowed back into our hearts and that we for about 48 hours can picture a world that is filled up with many positive things.

So I have decided that this year I am not going to wait till xmas-evening to wrap myself into bubble wrap. And this in order to safeguard my feelings of hope. I badly want to be a teacher, human, lover, mother, supporter, sponsor (read xmas-shopper) who walks around in the best advent-spirit ever and try to pass on bits of that special feeling to all I come across on my way to the xmastree and nativity set. After all, I do think that advent is for sure a period in which you can try to think in a more positive way. And be grateful for all the things you do have!

Of course, you all out there you will challenge me in the weeks to come. You can try, you can come closer and make some of these little bubbles explode (or copy and paste the link you can find at end of the entry and believe me you will have some bubble wrap fun! ), but I refuse to let you that close that you can unwrap me and take away all the hope and faith I have! So don't be surprised to find this year xmasgifts wrapped into bubble wrap underneath the xmastree because I also strongly believe in recycling!

P.S.: With the first snow entering Belgium I wish you all a very happy advent and that you will wrap happily anything that you come across.

P.S.1: Two photo-collections will help me to stay wrapped up in the next weeks to come. First of all the shots I found on the net of Edward&Bella Cullen while filming 'Breaking Dawn'. Robert Patisson & Kristen Stewart in a 'hot' beach outfit & wearing a weddingring makes me smile! Sorry, to break the news to you but I won't share those pics with you, at least not for now!
The other collection I don't mind sharing. And I do think that it for sure this one that matters most! Just take a look and hopefully you do agree that it is worth to still believe in a world where all living creatures can live without bubble wrap!

National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010 - The Big Picture -

P.S.2: This bit tacky you-tube video I came across while surfing all over for my advent project. For sure not usable but at advent I do think that we try to get a bit closer to the stars. After all it was a star that showed us the way to the light! Perhaps nice background music while whatching the pics!

P.S.3: For tons of bubble wrap fun go to:

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