zaterdag 20 november 2010

'This Is Not Funny!'

A & his godmother N that is always guaranteed fun! So when when N her P ended up spending the weekend in Paris and Stallie her P ended up spending a long Saturday amongst coworkers (being a moderator and imitating Nemo!) we decided to grant 'the A' an extra day filled up with fun. So around five we entered the huge movie complex of Kinepolis to go and watch finally 'that movie about those little yellow men that make pics of their ***'. Because when asked A if he knew something about the movie we were planning to go and see that was the short synopsis he gave!

A loves going to the movies. He was even more into the whole 3D-experience then his godmother. Also the prospect of having a whole bucket of popcorn and a huge funcup filled up to the brim with his favorite pop made him feel even more excited. So N was scoring big time when she picked us up! By the time we finally obtained the special 3D-glasses and took possession of our booked ahead seats A had already emptied half of his popcorn and most of pop as well!

To make sure that A was not going to be a major disturbance during the show I made him go twice to the smallest room! The sight of the little blond guy in a blue sweater and wearing those funny looking glasses and once in a while giving very out loud comments about that movie were just hilarious to make me LOL! But I got a crack out those little yellow 'Minions' and also Agnes made me just crawl over the floor. I was having fun and even the many hidden messages and double meanings made it for me a real nice time out!

When looked who was sitting next to me I saw a little guy moving around in this seat and a very fashionable N who seemed to have problems with those glasses. I had once read an article that there are some people whose eyes can't manage the whole 3D experiene. Not that she gave up but her eyes would not be grateful afterwards. A was moving up and down in his seat. ANTS IN MY PANTS!!! When I asked him if he had to go he said he just could not go NOW! I was kind of proud that he was for once not the disturbing little mignon!

So when the break came he made a run for the toilets. I was even not allowed to go with him. In a flash he was back and jumping back into his seat. There are moments as a mum that you want to make use of some science fiction equipment. And this was such a moment! Once again it was the cool & quick thinking godmother who saved the day by coming up with style advice!

By the time the yellow mignons showed their final tricks and the credits were passing along A was dressed up for combat and ready to face the Saturday crowth of the European capital! Try to picture two 'young' ladies walking through a touristic area of Brussels with a kid wearing a very long brown winterjacket and very funny brown hat! And wearing no pants! It was very hard to keep my face straight. Every time that A caught me smiling or LOL he said:'This is not supossed to be funny, you know?'

The walk to the carpark was one I will not forget that easily because A refused to walk! I had to carry him whole the way to the car! I tried to make no eyecontact whith anyone we met on our way. 'Dispicable Me' will go into our personal family history as the movie where none of us kept it dry! You can be sure we will get this one on DVD! Thanks as well N for this very nice day out!

P.S.: SPOILER-ALERT in case you are still planning to go and see the movie: DON'T READ ON! This week is National Storytelling Week in Belgium! So I do love this part in the movie! And I also believe strongely in telling stories before bedtime! And when we came out of the theater it was full moon and I was happy it was still there. A was very down to earth when Gru tried to steal the moon:'Mum, you can not do that! Stealing the moon! It is to big!'

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