zondag 7 november 2010


Midterm-break is about to end and this teacher is already fired up to go back out there. Yesterday a good friend of mine asked if it had been a good break! Without any hesisation I said:'YES!' Actually it was a winner!

I do consider this particular midterm break a winner and rather unique. Not only because of the longer nights, the bookclub meeting (where I am about to get evicted from because of promoting 'Carlisle Cullen' as the grown-up excuse to read 'Twilight'), the delicious day in Brussels with N (pizza, cupcakes and macarons), buying A his first pair of running shoes (the treadmill experience made me LOL), a day at a very nice city spa in Antwerp (Le Boudoir!!) in the company of W (that full treatment from top to toe made me dazzle!) and the many moments I did feel rather relax. No, it was so much more that made this week one to remember.

In my life I have this secret wishlist of things I want to become. I am not talking about becoming a movie star or being up on the ballot of this rather surrealistic nation. Most the items on that list I can call rather realistic and in reach. Last year I got to scratch out already one of the very important items: maid of honor! I am still so grateful to N that she included me into the fun&planning of her wedding. And also considers me responsible enough to take care of her when needed in her married life!

Two days ago I got one more item covered! Because on Guy Fawkes Night I got that one special phonecall of my brother J telling me that his third child was born. And by that act he turned me into a godmother! Imagine a 30 something going completely insane and screaming it out for joy! So on the fifth of November Stallie became the proud godmother of a very unique individual called ELLA!

I feel honored! I truely do, because I had to wait rather a long time to be asked by anyone. When A&J asked me last summer while we were at our family reunion I was so thrilled. They touched my heart by asking this. P knew that I had hoped to be asked but you never have guarantee that it also will happen for sure. But now I am a godparent! According to Wikipedia this means:

"Traditionally, godparents were informally responsible for ensuring the child's religious education was carried out, and for caring for the child should it be orphaned. Today, the word godparent might not have explicitly religious overtones. The modern view of a godparent tends to be an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing and personal development."

Uhm, at a first glance not that hard! I mean being a Religion teacher makes me educated enough to cover the education bit and if anything ever happens to her parents I will for sure be there for her. After all, I am family and family you do take care of and try to keep safe from harm and pain. But when I come to think of what the last sentence can stand for I do think I am up for quite a challenge.

Because showing interest in E her personal upbringing an personal development is not something I will be able by just writing a blog entry. In this case it will be for sure:'Action speaks louder then any words!'. So when I drove yesterday with a smiling face and heart (and yes I had the Disney image of the Fairy Godmothers of 'Sleeping Beauty' in mind) to the hospital for my first glances at my precious godchild I tried to put together a list of personal Godmother-intentions. Intentions I truely intend to keep. To make sure that I won't forget them I do put them down here:

As your godmother, Ella, I intend:

- to spoil you to bits (think candy, postcards, presents,......)
- to take you along on adventures close by but also far away (think globally!)
- to make you smile (think comedy and a godmother who will try to be funny once in a while!)
- to let you speak out your mind (think fierce discussions about many facts&acts and me handing out pink handkerchiefs after perhaps the harsher ones)
- to keep my door/house/kitchen open 24/24 (think 'shelter' in case of an emergency)
- to celebrate the many milestones in your life (think many 'first time'-moments)
- to be interested in your personal undertakings (think many long phonecalls)
- to make you 'believe' & never lose faith (think meaningful talks about the facts of life!)
- to love you unconditionally and forever (think kisses, hugs, smiles, pats on the shoulders and winks and other meaningful bodylanguage)

Okay, I do know that I lack for sure the magical powers that Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather have in the Disney Classic 'Sleeping Beauty'. But I hope that E will find what she will be looking for when she calls for me. There will be moments that she won't need me. Because she will surely try fixing things herself. Then I also intend to keep my fingers crossed. Because E will for sure be a very strong woman who will be ahead of her time! ;-)

The ten star highlight of this calendar year was the ultimate moment when the very proud mum A handed over to me this tiny bundle of love! In my hands I was holding a tiny, cute and so soft baby that was already awake and kicking. While E was lying there in my arms I started to glow and feel so special!

Best moment of all was when A made me take of her tiny baby bonnet and I discovered her incredible amount of black hair! This little human just looked perfect and so content that I suddenly was about to give into my emotions. I can't describe what went on inside of me while holding on to her. There are not enough words and not a single word suitable enough what I did feel and will feel when being close to E!

I just know one thing and that is that I am going to try to be the best godmother I can be. And in case I do screw up there is still godmother #2 M! Ella, godmother-wise I am sure you got all your bases covered. Hope to hit a few homeruns with you and when you are strike that I am the one who gets to send you out in the open (battle)-field with a great smile and all fired up!

P.S.: Ella, her name rhymes with many things I do like: MustELLA, NutELLA, FruitELLA, StELLA, CitronELLA, BELLA (!), Santiego de CompestELLA but this name also reminds of one very exceptional lady who sang out her heart and was considered 'the First Lady of Song': Ella Fitzgerald. So, girl, you will bring for sure some Jazzy tunes into my life and hope that we can enjoy many of those together! After all: Ella, Elle L'a!!!

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