woensdag 17 november 2010

Kiss Me Kate!

A few weeks ago one tiny article in the newspaper caught my eye. It said that Prince Charles had invited the parents of Kate Middleton over for a hunting party. According to this article this was a major deal because hunting in the company of British Royals is not just hunting! Nope, it is the big deal! The sign you are waiting for because it the final curtain call! Once parents get that one invitation they know it will not just be game and tea that they get served.

So the signs were out! I was picturing Kate her parents dressed up for the hunt driving down in one of those typical Green Land Rover & feeling rather nervous as well. Bet that the British tabloids were hiding out along the road to catch a glimpse of the future inlaws of William!

Hey, after 8 years dating a Royal prince and having been spotted all over the place with him & chased by tabloid journalists, reading tons of insane stuff about yourself wherever she was buying a newspaper Kate was also wondering when the time would be there to tell the rest of the world that the royal wedding was on! The girl had already got the taste of what it was going to be like once they would plant a tiara on her head! Life would never be the same once William would slip that rock around her manicured finger!

Eight years that was what it took to make the Royal Prince pack his bags head with Kate to Africa and after three weeks of tracking around in Kenia (he had to hold on to that engagement ring very close the whole time!) to pop the final question! There were close friends travelling along! So they were to first to get the worldbreaking scoop for once and not family or the tabloids. William admited that he had not asked Kate her dad first because he was afraid of being denied the hand of his Kate! Funny!

When the news was made officially Charles was asked what he thought about his son future marriage:'Well, they have been practising long enough!' Guess that was something that he never was granted. Diana was 19 at the time when he proposed to her and in one flash turned her into the most photographed Royal of the world. We all know were that Royal Wedding finally ended? By the time William was about to get out of puberty he already had lost his closest ally when dealing with matters of the heart!

So while he was browsing through the high stacks of artbooks out there at Saint Andrews University and crossing, in the hallways of his dormitory, the mysterious and spontaneous looking Kate there must have been something in the air, something that made the difference, something that felt out of place, something that aroused his senses and feelings, something that touched him very intensly, something that made him smile, something that made his heart beat faster, something that made him anticipating, something that made him feel alive and happy! And also Kate must have been experiencing some of this!

Kate stood to her guy through out college! Even was the reason why he got this degree! They also had their less moonstruck moments when William openly seemed to consider Kate 'just' a girlfriend and was not considering marriage! He took a break in the company of his cool army comrades! Kate tried to enjoy a bit her regained freedom and dressed up for any occassion. And because I guess that also a prince gets his eyes on tabloids he ran back to his Kate begging for a kiss.

So finally after 8 long years and many more begged kisses from Kate he ordered to get that little jewelery box out of the vault and took it along to Africa! The engagement photoshoot and the interview they survived successfully! Let us hope that Kate will not always get haunted by the memory of Diana! In many ways she will because we all like to make comparisons. In William's case many wonder what the heritage of Diana is, what lives on in her own flesh and blood! William is not Diana and he is not Charles! Thank the lord for that!

Kate is the only one who will know what haunts him when the lights go out and what goes on in his mind. She will have to share him with many but when it comes down to true feelings and the matters of the heart she is the only one he will turn to. William pledged himself to keeping her safe and not let her be haunted by many of us who think that even her running to the gym with no make up on and perhaps wearing the wrong colors will be a major headline. Can you blame him? I don't think so because what you love and care for you do want to keep away from harm!

Uhm, in more then one way William reminds me of a certain Twilight character! They both are of the overprotective kind when taking care of their loved ones and they both used the engagement ring of their beloved mothers to make a girl for a split second (and longer!!)the happiest girl alive!

Let us hope that when those two are standing out there on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and the world is anticipating that one kiss that they kiss together! One thing is for sure that Kate does now know for sure: it is not 'Tom, Dick or Harry' she is getting married to! Harry she will have as an inlaw and she will hopefully feel more living amongst characters of a Shakespearean comedy instead of a drama!

"See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea: -
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?"

~Percy Bysshe Shelley, Love's Philosophy

P.S.:I even twittered Peter Facinelli, alias vampire-dad Carlisle Cullen, telling him the news:'Charles invited Williams his future inlaws for a hunting party! Are you planning something similar for Charlie &Renee?' Trying to picture those two trying to hold up with Esme&Carlisle while chasing after mountain lions! Uhm, Esme perhaps better serves a few cucumber sandwiches and some Earl Grey tea and Carlisle better gets out the best bottle of Bollinger to celebrate this one in company of the future inlaws of Edward! ;-))

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