zaterdag 13 november 2010

Love The Fans?!

The weather does not agree with me! To much rain and I have already blogged so many times about that bloody weather condition that I refuse to give it any more air-space! So I decided to go and find some inspiration elsewhere.

So the guest appearance of the month I kindly give to a very special bloglady: IndigoPetra. She wrote this entry to make us think why we sometimes fall for the moviestar or some other big shot out there. The guys or women who seem to have it all! The ones we desperately want to get closer to.

Yes, Stallie, still has got this thing going on for Peter Facinelli. Today, he will be in Dallas meeting fans. The last few days he was not on Twitter! Not I was worried but others seem to be! Uhm, the guy has got a job to do! 'Breaking Dawn' is now filmed on many fronts. Brazilians go crazzy and are even upset because they can't get as close to their beloved 'Bella&Edward' as they wish for!

Last Thursday while I was 'Remembering' London went insane for Harry&company! Movie #7 is out and so the red carpet was filled up with the many know names that we have been growing up with! Daniel, Emma & Rupert got their share of 'fan'-atic behaviour to witness while they were out there. There were even some Belgian flags waving in the crowth! I am big Harry Potter fan but facing the pouring rain for then just catch one glimpse of Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson or Daniel on a big projection screen is just a bit to far fetched!

It is for sure something that comes along with fame: fans! I am fan of many things, places, objects and for sure famous A's: actors, athlethes and authors. Those three groups can make me scream, yell, cry, smile, cheer, curse, shiver, and some other human reactions that take part inside and outside my human body.

Peter Facinelli (I would love to buy some of the cookies he was baking for a good cause while other wondered why he could not Twitter), Kim Clijsters (she is going to play Justine in a few weeks!), Herman Van Rompuy (the first European president signed very politely and with a warm smile his book filled up with 'haikus' I bought @ the Bookfair of Antwerp, he had brought along an army of security people), Sinterklaas (who just arrived in Antwerp and has to face the rain and keep smiling), Dick Norman ( tall redheaded man with curly hair, lovely smile and in the company with a tennis racket who will be playing the Masters Doubles along the side of Moodie) and today I voted for the best dressed British guy walking around on this globe (won't tell who I voted for because I consider voting rather a very personal act!) and many more can make me act like a fan.

Author wise I do not know how many people bother to read me and what would happen if I would announce one day that 'As Life goes By' is a thing of the past,... I don't know..... I do check my statistics but these don't tell all you wish to know. And if I come to think of it, am I worth a fanclub? Nope, don't think so but I do know that A for sure is my biggest fan ever and that P still is renewing his membership ever year again. Two fans that is all it takes to make me do the very best out there. For all the others that happen to read once in a while a piece that I have tried to 'compose': thank you so much for granting me some of your precious time! LOVE YOU ALL!

All the other emotions I do not wish to write about (at least not for the moment) are described in this rather very nice piece of writing:

IndigoPetra: Love: "Love... what does love mean to you? For me - by now - it is feeling at home when- and whereever I am, as long as I am with my husband. I do..."

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