vrijdag 26 november 2010


One of my Blog-friends, Marina ,(you can find her blog in the list of blogs I do follow) sometimes tries (and she succeeds in doing so) to get me into a good mood. A few days ago she awarded my blog and yesterday she challenged me. She wanted me to write down five reasons why I do love blogging and as well five reasons why I hate blogging. I first was a bit doubting putting this down. Still, I needed some 'closure' after writing 'Taking Five...'. The answers I came up with are:

I 'LOVE' (and this for sure) about blogging:

- putting my thaughts and feelings down on a keyboard and share them with others
- meeting and discovering tons of interesting people from all over the world (You came into my life thanks to the blog!)
- using my imagination without being disturbed
- time for reflection and then being able to put things in the right perspective
- learning tons of new things about countries, cultures, nature, cities, trends, fashion,.....

(These five I was able to type in a record time!)

I 'HATE' blogging because:

- I sometimes forget time while blogging and time catches always up with me!
- it can create some misunderstandings! (a writen word you can't take back that easily)
- I sometimes seem to forget the limits of the digital world and I get backfired at!
- I once in a while then seem to be a rather less social person to my loved ones!
- typos and editing take up so much extra time in which I could have writen already a second entry! ;-))

(These five took me so much longer!)

Guess that I still want to stay out here. I don't know for how long! It started out with a very short entry and I have no clue where it will take me. In a sense I do feel that for me blogging is a bit like therapy! I always liked to write stuff down and on top of that it does bring me happiness! That there are moments that it will let me land back on my two feet and grant me the time to put things back into the right perspective.

So, even in the world of Blogging also 'Love and hate are a beautiful combination!'. Still not thinking of 'erasing' this blog!

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I write my posts first in Word - and do a thorough spelling and grammar check there, before copy-pasting them into Blogger. It helps!

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De kerstjukebox is echt wel knap, je mag er zeker trots op zijn! Ik heb me nogal ingehouden vanmorgen, want "Music" omvat het toch gewoon helemaal...! Zo'n zalig liedje, had zin om volledig uit de bol te gaan ;-). Instead here @ home, hehe. Geniet van de sneeuw! Misschien wel een witte kerst!