woensdag 15 december 2010

Chain Reaction

'I am in the middle of a chain reaction!'is sounding through my headphones and I go completely insane. I am trying to snap out of it by moving around through my kitchen but this is going to need some time. With freezing temperatures outside, snow being back on the radar and tissues popping out every where I am I can state very honestly that I am on the edge of insanity! Not to mention that my xmashopping is still an abstract thing.

Wednesdays equals newborns in class! Lately 60% of them are behaving! One class has even managed to make the transition successfully! They will find the proof of that in their reportcards in a certain column! A column that matters the most to me. Teaching them 'Leefsleutel' ('Keys To Life') is for sure a challenge but I never give up trying. Not a single soul is left behind.

December is to me a certain deadline for mental revision of my teaching audience. I then prepare lessons in which they will show that they can think outside the box. That they have moved on from the 'I' and 'YOU'-stage to the 'WE'-stage. Because in order to move on to the next level they will need to be able to be teamplayers.

Today I had them write down wishes in order to discuss them and point out that you have all sorts of wishes! You can wish tons of stuff for yourself (ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS ANDROID or iPHONE!!!! LOL) or for someone close to you (I wish you a nice boyfriend) and then perhaps have some left for the other 5,999,999,998 people around (peace and no war, tons of LOVE!!!). After a short class discussion they got to write down a selection of their wishes on big posters.

In one class we had a blast and they went the whole way! We also had a very good time in the computer room and when a co-worker walked in she wondered if there was an exam going on! Nope, they were extremely busy looking up stuff about Paul Klee (task for Art-classes) and therefor using a search engine in the most efficient way ever. By the break even my cold was getting better and this without any extra painkillers.

Well, hold your horses, Stallie,class #2 is the ultimate test ! And by the time we moved out of the computer room I was already a worn out voodoo-doll! You know then that all it takes is just one more trigger to just let you go ballestic! Well, just around 11 am this teacher slammed a door and left her classroom! My blood pressure hit the roof and I just wanted to scream!

Why? Well, while I was right in the middle of a very serious monologue in which I was trying to explain to these very fierce teenagers that this is the final wake up call! That if they are planning to... Well, I did not get any further because then my eyes caught the sight a certain white round flying object!

Did you ever experience that one split second that the world seems to stand still and that your mind is blocking out everything except that one image and that your brain seems to split into two halves? That your brain seems to work in slow motion but that you can actually sense it working very vividly? That the neutrons, or are it in this case rather neurons (?), (I am screwing this process up but physics was never my best subject! Sorry!) are banging into eachother and that you are about to colide with all the natural forces you experience inside and outside of your body! It seems then there are fireworks going of inside your head! You then seem to forget that you are in a place where certain rules apply!

Well, Stallie her mind was only picking up that one object and the kid who did this! And that was all it took to make me get up, run for the door, leave and slam the door! SLAMMING IT VERY HARD!! I was about to start banging my head into the wall and call them names that are not up for publication when there suddenly happened to be a coworker passing by. He then offered his help and walked in with his best straight face ever!

Can assure you that it is rather sureal to hear a teenager tell what went on to an other teacher while you are standing outside and they can't see or hear you! I was about to crack and tempted to walk in..... The pupil then told very plainly that he/she was so surprised that I couldn't handle flying objects!!!!!!! I am not kidding, he/she was genuinely set back by what taken place after his/her action had taken place! My co-worker tried to point out that he would have been upset as well by such an action!

In the end we all calmed down and I went back in with my best pokerface on! When they were heading out of class the 'guilty' pupil stayed lingering around and then offered his/her excuses. I let him/her go with a smile on his/her face.. Okay, I might have overreacted a bit but it was the force, the physics that made me go off!

P.S.: Best wish of that was on the list: I wish for more 'Twilight'-movies! This time it was a boy who wrote this down! Love the kid! Also the one with the flying objects. Still, if it comes down to trigger mechanisms then Carlisle Cullen will still win from million truck loads of paper wads!

P.S.: No nice original recording by Diane Ross of this amazing song to be found on YouTube. But with the drums 'Steps' added I kind of like it. I hear tons of doors slamming and explosions!

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