woensdag 22 december 2010

Walking Through A Winter Wonderland

Uhm, AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The end is near! Stallie is about to collapse underneath the xmastree in our living room and move into the nativity set! Today I had to face the fact that I am just not going to make it into time for the picture perfect xmas I am after! Today I had the white flag out and just surrendered. Already for years I do know that I only will be in the mood once that I close the door of my classroom and all the kids have left the building.

Well, here in Belgium that is going to be on the 24th of December: xmas-eve!!! Prep-time for xmasdinner?? No need for that! Because first of all Sundays before xmas the supermarkets and many shops will be open! You can do all your gift shopping over the internet. You can start week before already start searching for that one ultimate herb you want in your xmas-turkey! That xmascard you can already write in October and then mail just before the Holidays! And you can start planning the menu and table setting for that one delicous dinner you are dreaming of with family or friends when the first xmas cooking issues pop up in November. Your party outfit you can even already fit and buy in August. So that you even have plenty of time to start loosing those extra pounds you want to get rid of. Timewise getting ready in order to celebrate xmas that should be a piece of cake!

Well, not for this girl because it only can be xmas when it is really xmas. When I feel it in my toes! Not that I have tried the last few days. Last Monday I even locked myself out. Don't ask me how I managed to do this but it just me! Stallie already being totally somewhere else instead of focusing on a 6y old dressed up for a polar expedition, a key and the alarm.

After dropping of A (thanks to this trip I finally believe A that there is a shortcut to school) I faced the music and went into Brussels to retrieve the spare remote-control of our garage. 'Ukkel-Overijse that is not the end of the world', I kept thinking very positively. 'It is going to be a nice trip!' Well, thanks to some very nice friends I first got a ride into the city! They first searched over the internet the right bus and metro (there does not ride a single metro to that hospital of P! I knew this! Very patient-friendly!) and then they handed me over a cup of coffee on the go! So there I went for a trip of a lifetime through my own capital.

Well, I travelled once more through the city where I have lost my heart to where I am totally convinced of that there is something very special about. That the heart of Europe beats here. That it takes a life time to unravel its hidden secrets & treasures. The moment I walked through the city covered up by a fresh coat of snow I caught once more a hint of what I love so much about Brussels!

By the time I made it into the hospital to look for P my body felt very warm. Not that the busride had been such a pleasure. No, it were many other small details that had given me back my smile on my face. I had seen it in some hidden corners: the postcard-like trainstation of Bosvoorde under construction, the many art nouveau houses which now had this extra touch of frost all over, the busstops with exoctic names like 'Brasil' or 'Montana' (what is in a name?), the desolated parcs that looked like they could be starring in 'Narnia', a stolen kiss on the bus, the mother who tried to get her kid to school in time, the older lady who nibbled on a croissant while waiting for the bus, Ter Kameren Bos that looked like a fairytale,....

I had called P I was coming in. Mondays is procedure day! So that I got to see him in scrubs and in action was a nice consolation prize. Also catching up with the nurses who P gets to spend so much time with! But no time to waste! I wanted to get back in time. Back on the bus and then change lines at Auderghem. Well, there I faced my next hurdle. No bus heading for Overijse in the near future. And on top of things I had to walk first to a cash machine to get money out of the bank because (Minister Quickie!!! perhaps something you can do about!)my Brussels Jump-ticket does not work for a Flemish busline leaving Brussels! So then I decided to plug in once my headphones and I start to walk home.

Yes, I did! People like Myrlene, Laura, Robbie, Madonna, the whole Putumayo Brazilian Lounge collection and the 'Twilight'-score kept me company. I walked through a real Winter Wonderland. There were moments I felt quite alone in that gorgeously looking forest. It was on that walk that I felt that xmas was near that it was about to re-enter my life. I took plenty of pics with my faithful little camera!

When I then walked into our streets I felt refreshed and was glowing. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer must have felt quite humble compared to my composure. The downside was when I got home it was about to time to pick up A at school. And when I then pushed the button of the remote control I panicked because nothing happened! Our garage porch stayed closed like a high security vault. Fifteen minutes later, two very loud yelling phonecalls with P (nurses must think by now that I am a kind of insane!) and keep on pushing on that tiny little button like a madwoman I finally re-entered my own kitchen for a hot cup of George Clooney coffee!

Well, I made it and yes thanks to that little tiny detail I got to walk through a gorgeous and breathtaking Winter Wonderland. The downside is now that all my shoppingplans vanished into thin air. P was smart and got out to buy his own xmas present. I have wrapped now some of the hidden presents but the major ones (including my own! Because I am going to spoil myself!! YES!!!) still need to be bought. I am going to get there! When?

Well, when the next snow storm did pass by. When is that? Now idea? I have things planned the next 24 hours to 2 weeks. I will be passing out report cards and smile even at Newborns and then celebrate in the company of my co-workers. The Holiday season kickoff is then a fact and then 24 hours later I will hope to be unwrapping presents with A! I am driving home for xmas as well and meeting up with family, old and new friends! P will be in and out and also in the way! He is a few days evicted from the hospital but will be hiding in his private practice in case you are in need of someone with a medical degree!

In case I get snowed in I wish you all the very best xmas! Wherever you are! I also wish to thank all my secret and less secret readers. Even the ones who caused my pain or kept me awake at night. Thanks for reading me. Also all my Twitter-friends who add some extra color to my life.

P and A of course can't and won't be forgotten! The two of you are my greatest source of inspiration. The reason that the blog is alive and kicking! Santa has already planted a huge box underneath the tree for a 6y old who is growing to fast. P will have to pick out his own present. He hates surprises but he has got this major important birthday coming up in 2011! So in case you have not gotten tired of us: tune back in soon! We will be back with some more stories. 'As Life Goes By' I realise more and more that I am so lucky.... Have yourself a merry little xmas and I wish you a very big box filled up with love, peace, health, joy and inspiration! And that the unwrapping takes place in the company of those you hold close to your hearts!

P.S.: Yes, I picked this song months ago. At least I was in time with this one! 'Samson & Gert' are already over 20 years entertaining very young and old. Gert is still the same guy! Samson not but this song I do think is about that one feeling that we should cherish the most and can't wrap up: PEACE!

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Merry Christmas!!! Love, health and happiness in your life...!!!