zondag 12 december 2010

Globetrotters @ Home

Today A and I had a last P-free day! We enjoyed ever single minute of not having to take him into consideration. I do admit that I am bit envious of him being over in NYC! A city that stands in a way for the beginning of our relationship. When he then twice a year flies into vibrant Big Apple without me I do get a bit cranky. And that I give him along a gigantic long shopping list does not make up for that. But after a few years him flying solo to many medical congresses and meetings and me allowing also my own share of travelling all by myself I seem to have calmed down.

P will be tonight boarding the red eye to Brussels and we do welcome him back. But the moment he will walk in I will need some time to re-adjust. Okay, I know, I do complain numerous times that he seems not to be around as much as I want him to be. It is also not that fun to have a rather less romantic soul as a partner who seems to forget that a mobile is in the first place to talk into instead of sending very down earth text messages with. And he is on Twitter but I doubt it that he has read any of my sweet or cheesy messages that I tweeted him!

But I do know that he had fun out there. NYC makes him back alive and kicking and he needs that so badly. He will rave about the Italian or Japanese restaurants he will have tried out, the newest Apple gadgets he has checked out, the long walks he loved above the rather tiring drives in the yellow cabs, he will have been shopping (because P does love to shop, he even has been on a xmas-mission!!! ;-) ) and have met up with some celebrities in his professional field or perhaps be standing in the elevator of his fancy hotel with a hot shot celebrity.

I even had the insane request, while he was being very busy looking up travel info on his iPad, to bring back Peter Facinelli as a souvenire. Normally P never reacts to such outrageously demands but he looked up and asked me in a very interested voice:'Is that the blond one with his hair back in 'Twilight'?' I was rather surpised by this question. He seemed to make a mental note of this and then went on acting busy. Chances are few that PF did fit into that Samsonite suitcase of his!

So, in less then 12 hours I will have P back to hold on to and hug him to death and then can we fuss over tons of silly details. But A and I had fun and this without him. I am not going to tell many details of the adventures we went on but we had just a good time. A did point a few times that he missed his dad but he was so kind to point out as well that he loved me having full time! I included him in all the fun and he even picked out some jewelery for a grown up lady who is celebrating her birthday very soon!

One of my personal highlights of the week was having F over the evening and talking mostly about how your attitude towards life changes by living abroad. And I also had a less shiny moment when I grabbed the bottle of rum and organised my private happy hour in order to get over a certain issue. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! So yes, I got a bit tipsy!

Yes, I have been feeling rather happy without my other signifcant one being around but perhaps I managed for the very first time to settle for the advantages of not having him around for a few days. My mum had warned me when I started dating him that it would never be easy and that I would end up doing many things alone or in the company of minors. I saw her doing it successfully and never complain openly about it. But still, do I now have respect for her that she managed to keep everything up running smoothly without my dad. The later did spend more time in the ER then at home.

This weekend we also went decoration shopping and our four star buy of the month turned out to be a globe. It is now standing in a corner of our living room. I love globes and this one is rather tiny but the light it sends into the dark space is very comfy and cozy-like and even romantic. A and I already have been travelling all over. He of course wanted to know where NYC was and where Switzerland was! He also pointed out very sharply that he wants to start travelling in the company of the two of us.

A is ready to conquer the world. All we need to do is convince his dad that he is up for the travelling bit, the long hours in the car (the new car arrived into our lives and I JUST ADORE THIS ONE!! Read my lips: I ADORE P HIS CAR! Miracles do exist!!), the packing, the waiting in airports or when standing still in long traffic jams, the car sickness, having to deal with many side-effects of travelling... He wants to check out all those places that his parents rave about and show him pictures about. He wants to see, feel, smell, touch, taste for himself and make up his mind about that round object! That globe is about to stay in our living room as a constant reminder that the three of us want to be worldcitizens!

P.S.:P happy homecoming!! I hope that the city that never sleeps has granted him the time he was after. Okay, he does not sound as 'An Englishman in New York'. P his English makes you wonder if he is French! I fell for that accent and I still do!

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