zondag 19 december 2010

Love The Classics

In case you are wondering if I am totally obsessed with 'Twilight' and do not seem to notice anything else worthwhile out there in the 'arty-farty'-world then I want to assure you by this entry. I am a 'Capricorn' and in many ways very conventional and stick to many traditional stuff. Yes, I must admit that this 'Twilight'-thingy is a bit more then just a phase but it also triggers my urge to travel back into time literature-wise. Then I dive into my boxes filled up with dusty college books and then check out the books that are way in the back of my cupboard. Hidden treasures then start popping up in our house!

While browsing around on the internet (searching for a suitable quote for our xmas-card) I came across to a very special illusterous poet: Percy Byssche Shelley! One who has got to honor to have one of those breathtaking Memorials! When you will by accident ever walk by while walking around on the campus of Oxford University you will be silenced by this one! It is such a powerful marble statue! If you have got the time to spare you should sit down there and take a break. And let the marble speak for itself!

If you wonder who Shelley is, you can best google him. A very nice reference site is: www.online-literature.com and then search for Percy Shelley. Here you can read up on him, his life and work. Seemed that this guy had a preference for the dramatic and romantic way of treating life. Many notorious & famous British men had the honor to call him a friend. Friendship was to Shelley very important! It even caused him financial heartaches once in a while.

For a guy who lived in the 19th century he was rather a rebel, a man with outspoken opinions, a political activist, an atheist, a traveller, a true romantic soul, and much more. I challenge you to read up on him because what you will find out about him does make him an exceptional poet. What do I like best about Shelley? Well, perhaps that his poems are so well structured and have such a depth! That he choose his words so well and ..... Hey, check this out for yourself. Because in the case of literature, poetry, art and music we don't have to agree at all. I just try to point out that knowing your classics can still brighten up your day!

And no, I have not intently picked this poem because of a certain vampire word! Nope, this is just a coincidence! Although, if I come to think of it.... I can picture Edward Cullen reciting this to his Bella at the end of'New Moon'! You don't need to agree with me! Uhm,... I am tempted now to go on that Shelley might have bumped into Carlisle Cullen at the time! LOL! If not in London then in Italy! And the biggest coincidence: they are both vegetarians! Just coincidences! Don't you love such coincidences!?

'O Mary dear, that you were here
With your brown eyes bright and clear.
And your sweet voice, like a bird
Singing love to its lone mate
In the ivy bower disconsolate;
Voice the sweetest ever heard!
And your brow more...
Than the ... sky
Of this azure Italy.
Mary dear, come to me soon,
I am not well whilst thou art far;
As sunset to the sphered moon,
As twilight to the western star,
Thou, beloved, art to me.

O Mary dear, that you were here;
The Castle echo whispers 'Here!'

—“To Mary” (1818)

P.S.: HINT HINT!!! Poetry by Shelley could be the perfect romantic xmasgift. Wrap it in nice giftpaper and then a big red bow around it! I would die for such a gift and the side effects of such a xmas-gift are not suitable for publication! LOL

P.S.2: In case you wonder who the beauty in this picture is. I don't know! This painting is by John Godward, a neo-classic painter. Would love to have a reproduction of this in my office! Idea for a birthdaypresent!

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