zondag 12 december 2010

Divine Tennis

Yes, I still have some dilemmas going on when Juju plays Kim! Then I am about to put on my 'I am Switzerland'-shirt and try to be very impartial. I never try to compare both these two exceptional players. Justine is not Kim, and Kim will never be Justine. Many journalist are trying to point out where both players could have met up and what they could learn from each other.

Kim was called many times to nice to be hitting balls in the very tough world of tennis. Justine was then considered more a girl who would even consider her tennis racket as a weapon suitable for mass destruction. One has got tons of friends running around in the circuit, the other is considered being rather a loner. So Justine and Kim are in many ways extreme opposites.

I have to admit that I do like Justine her backhand better then the one Kim pulls out of her sleeves. But when it comes down to smiles I prefer Kim her very open book face and sincere emotions. It is funny to say but once these two ladies get on the field and face each other then inside of me a war is going on. I cheer for both because I badly want them both to play their best tennis. Not to give up that easily and not let it be a walk over.

The last tennis season was for both tennis ladies for sure a season to remember. Kim showed the world out there that her comeback is a fact and she became a grown up lady who is also able to hit very focused a flying object across a field. This even after a car accident. The girl of W├ępion also hit graciously the balls over the net but admits more openly that it is going to take some time to be back where she wants to be.

Justine and Kim, both Twitter and I both follow them. Kim is sometimes very funny and like predicted is Justine rather down to earth when sending out 140 characters into the open digital world. The more personal Tweets of Justine still feel a bit awkward. Happens Justine and I both love to have dinner/lunch in a very 'happy' place in Waver! We have already dragged many of our friends to that place! So you never know...

Last week I was then also very glad to see them having a press moment together and that they admited they were considering to team up for the next Olympics. It is sad to state but in the previous years these two ladies were never granted a fair chance to team up on a field. We never made it easy on them, and they not on themselves and not to mention the coaches and fathers who where also making confusing statements why or why not an Olympic double could be a reality.

Kim and Justine seem now to be able to add up the numbers and figure out what they will get in return when they will finally give it one ultimate hit. Let us be honest in a way it is going to be scary to see them both at the same side of the net. Not that they have not tried before but it always seemed something was in the way.

2012 is for sure an option for teaming up! It is going to be the Olympic year where the Olymics will be so close to our homes. They will be both playing in their backyard. And this on a field that they know very well and not has got that many secrets left! But perhaps they do need each other to win on that ultimate divine surface!

So, I am going to keep my fingers crossed in the next 1,5 year that they both stay focussed, don't suffer to many mental breakdowns or get serious injured. Because I would love to see them both out there like once Dominique Monami and Els Callens did at the Olympic games of Barcelona. I never again saw two Belgian tennisgirls have so much fun and at the same time get their points across the field. For once I want to have Kim and Justine to have just one thing in common: the urge to win an Olympic medal of the same color and this for once by playing their best tennis and this together!

I want them to play together, to see them having tactic conversations, hold out for each others hand, cheer each other on while standing next to each other, 'fool' together the opponent, motivate each other to try harder, take breaks sitting next to each other without having to hide under a towel, practice together and feel and experience together the happiness that will make them the best 'divine' tennisplayers ever. They have missed out golden opportunities before and in 2012 it will the last shot they get to go out and come home together and climb Olympos as a team! Let it be a climb to remember!

P.S.: So I wish the picture here above to be a bit different. No net in between of them, each holding out a hand on their shoulders, and facing each other instead of looking ahead! It will be a divine sight, one that will make them the players they truely can be!

P.S.2: I know that Kim loves to listen to the music of Ozark Henry and that Justine goes wild for the voice of her very close friend Lara Fabian. I both like them! So I flipped coins as well to make up my mind for picking out a song that goes along with this entry. 'Immortelle' by Lara Fabian would for sure be a fitting song to be on Justine her MP3 player!

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