vrijdag 17 december 2010

The Holidays Are Coming

The grading is almost done! English reportcards I did put on my TODO-list for Monday! All the other grades left the building! Juniors impressed me once more. Their revision test was rather impressive to grade. I even had to point out to some colleagues that I am not used to such high grades. But they gained these fair and square!

So x-mas is nearing! It took me quite some time to let it enter into my heart. But today I felt it in my bones. That 'Last X-mas' by Wham is playing over and over on the radio only adds up to my x-mas spirit! The chain reaction seems to have also some positive side effects but I do know that starting today I will be running all over to create the Holiday-season I want so badly.

For now I am enjoying ever bit of the pre-Holiday-fun! Highlights of the week were:

- 'Soep op de Stoep', Juniors sold soup for the good cause @school and for some kids @school who do need some financial support!
- Seniors are walking around with a money box to gather some funds for 'Music for Life'! I am already pimped up a few weeks with my AIDS-ribbon and have been teaching about the subject. Believe me, education on these matters is needed badly! Even around the corner! I wish Thomas, Sofie and Sam a very nice time out there in their 'glazen huis'.
- Planning, grading, cursing, having a cold, browsing, wishing, gliding,... tons of verbs I did the last week with in the background xmas-carols or some typical 'cheesy' pop-tunes that only pop up when the xmastrees and light are up as well!
- I saved my favorite sandwichbar from burning down. While having lunch there I suddenly smelled something less edible and next I saw a little lampstand on fire. 'FIRE, I yelled and made a run for the exit. But nobody seemed to be impressed by this. There even was one who first finished her tiramisu before making it for the door! I saved a building, a bussiness and four people and myself! I felt a bit the hero of the day. I was the one with vampire speed that day! ;-)
- A his first late night musical performance! For weeks he was humming, dancing, singing through the house. But yesterday I saw him having the time of this life on stage! Awesome stageperformance! And the best dancing baker of Flanders is to be found under our roof! I was so proud of him!
- Starting to think about our annual newsletter! People are already asking me about it. And have not started yet! Even P is bugging me. 'When are you going to start writing! Is it finished!' NO, I first have finish some other stuff before I am mentally able to get started on that one! I still need to buy xmascards and later today I have to mail the insane request once more to mail me your address because I was so stupid to forget to write them down somewhere! Sorry about that! Hope you can forgive me but most people also forget to write their address on the back of their envelop!
- Twittering with some new Twitter-friends. I made some nice friends on the Tweet-side of life. And yes, I do look forward to the ones PF sends out into the digital world. Especially with 'Breaking Dawn' being filmed out there in Louisiana and Vancouver.
- Facing the Holiday rush and that one is still not kicking in. I have not a single postcard in the house, not a single present is wrapped and the important gifts still have to be bought! I am going to be into a pickle this year!
- Cursing at snow. Hey, I do love Winter Wonderland but this is a bit to much to handle. We even had to cancel a dinner at a very nice restaurant because of the white flakes and icy roads. N her birthday-party is even going to be a questionmark! Hate to do this to her but snow, cars and P that is an impossible combination!
- Getting totally into 'Jane Eyre'. On channel 'één' will be Saturday night the fourth and final part of this impressive BBC mini-series. Love that story and to me Mr Edward Rochester is for sure a character that I would love to invite over for tea. When a co-worker asked me if I watch 'Jane Eyre' I almost went bezerk. 'Ahhhh, Toby Stephens on a horse! You bet I do!' I then started to rave on about Mr Rochester & Jane! And linking it of course to Edward Cullen and his beloved (but also a bit doomed!) Bella. A total comparison is inappropriate! But at least Stephenie Meyer knew for sure her classics when she put down Edward Cullen on paper.

Hey, I have to cut this one short because I am going to command P to leave the livingroom, make myself a nice cocktail and then the sofa & remote control are mine! Mr Rochester, in a way you don't deserve Jane but Charlotte Brontë decided differently about that! Like one rather less nice Twilight character by the name of Jane (!) says in the Twilight movie 'Eclipse':Decisions, decisions!' Uhm, I think the biggest decisions I have to make in the next 3 weeks will be involving food: one or two servings! Or what about a third?'

P.S.: In case you wonder why I would invite Toby Stephens over for coffee (he prefers coffee over tea) then you find here some reasons why he made it on my VIP-guestlist: Six Reasons Why Toby Stephens is Awesome

P.S.2: Yes, very cheesy xmas-song but it is this one that I, radiowise, associate with the beginning of the Holiday-season! And I gave many times at x-mas my heart away to someone special.

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